Our company was formed in 1983 to provide information technology (IT) services to the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market. The advent of the IBM PC made IT affordable for even the smallest of firms.

We have always been on the "bleeding" edge of IT, so our customers don't have to be.  One of our first corporate assets was a really loud, 75 pound, 10 MB hard drive, which in 1983 dollars cost $2,200.  If things had remained constant, a 500 GB hard drive would cost $110,000,000 in 1983 dollars ($232,100,000 in 2009 dollars!), not the $75 it costs today. Our company has managed to survive in the rapidly evolving IT world, while countless other IT firms in Tucson have come and gone.

The only thing that has remained constant, since our founding, is our commitment to our clients.  We are proud to say that we still have clients from our first year in business.  At some clients, we've been working for their company longer than any of their current employees!